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Tribal Art Painting Of India

It is an art where life and creativity are inseparable. The tribal art has a unique sensitivity, as the tribal people posses an intense awareness very different from so called urbanized people. Their minds are supple and nurtured with myth, legends, snippets from epic, multitudinous gods born out of dream and fantasy. Their art is an expression of their life and depicts their passion and mystery.

The traditional Indian tribal painting recreates the immortal charm of Indian tribal life. The tribes in India keep alive a culture that is thousands of years old through their music, traditions, rituals and art. They live in complete harmony with nature by preserving their resources and blending with the environment.

Tribal Paintings are from the remote tribal regions. Art is nature’s gift to these communities. Our Collection is inspired by their beliefs , traditions and the simplicity of life. We attempt to bring the simplicity of life and rich emotions of tribal culture to the urban home and community via the medium of art. Our aim is to develop this art while artist earn livelihood as deprived section to get human status in the society, as normally artists of this work are not educated.

There is exclusive collection of tribal paintings picked from far flung nooks of remote India. This is backed by 20 years of art and culture studies of tribal done by anthropologists as also part of their thesis of PhD and these anthropologists are heading this division. Tribal paintings includes Saura Painting, Gond, Bondi paintings, Pithora, Warli, Thanka, PattaChitra, Kurumba, Khovar, Pichhvai, miniatures etc.

Saura Paintings

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Sauras are one of the most ancient tribes and among the world’s oldest primitive artist. They are famous for rich variety of their Paintings based on religious belief and these also show their daily and ceremonial activities of their life drawn in order to appease demigods and spirits.

These are executed on cloth depicting the vibrancy and philosophy through motifs of peoples, animals and trees. They are simple yet vivid depiction, which almost speaks the primeval universal language and signify the close connection between man and nature.

Gond / Bondi Paintings

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They are not mere decorations but also spontaneous outpourings of religious devotion, intrinsically linked with socio culture ambiance.

Mud Plaster base is used over which linear patterns are etched with the fingers. These are also done with myth related to creation.

Painted freehand, these two dimensional paintings reflect their perception of life.

The harvest field, a happy family, almost everything finds an expression on their canvas handmade paper/handloom fabric.

Each painting is accompanied by text narrated by the artists describing a legend, myth or folktale associated with each.

They have a peculiar style that reflects their creativity and unique view of things around them,


Religious Paintings

Tribal Paintings, religious paintings, religious art paintings, Tribal Painting exporter, Tribal Painting supplier
Life is related to religion, a way of understanding the natural and supernatural. Life brings a lot of questions about certainities and uncertainities. The meaning and answer take the form of religious art. Religious art started with primitive cultures expressing their religious views.

Painting ( with complete information on teachings , beliefs , legends , folktales etc) of Hindu & other Gods & Goddesses such as -
Radha-Krishna, Sita-Ram, Lakshmi-Ganesha, Shiva-Parvati , Buddha , Saraswati, Brahma, Durga, Kali, Vishnu, Ganga, Indira, Gurunanak etc. are provided as per your requirement.

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  Handicrafts: Religious and Tribal Art Paintings and Handicrafts
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