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  • For  reliable  supply  of  clean,  oil free compressed air and gases Micro Filters ManufacturersMicro Filter Micro Filters Manufacturers Micro Filters Manufacturers
  • For High pressure Gases and Air up to 400 Bar Micro Filter
    The unique element has a three stage filtration effect. Oil and dirt laden compressed air flows through the filter element from inside to outside . The coarse particles of dirt and pipe scale are retained inside the pre-filter. Oil, water and the remaining fine particulate matter than pass to the main medium, a three dimensionally layered microfibre medium which provides the next two stages of filtration. Here up to 99.99999% of all oil and water aerosols and dirt particles down to a size of 0.01 micron are trapped. Liquid attach to the fibre and by coalescing the oil and water aerosol , bulk liquid is formed. This in turn is carried by the air flow to the outer foam sock which has a very high surface area. Within the cellular structure of the sock, the air and water separate, the air flows from the element in upper section , while the water and oil gravitate to the bottom of the element and fall into the quiet zone at the bottom of the filtering house. the oil and water are discharged by a drain without the need of any maintenance
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