Heat exchanger manufacturer

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AI heat exchangers are required in various industries. These are used to exchange heat between two mediums (Hot and Cold) e.g. compressed air to water, freon to water , hydraulic oils to water, air to steam, water to steam, air to air etc. Heat exchangers are also used in plastic/ bakelite moulding machines , compressed air systems for diesel generating sets, refrigeration & air conditioning , hydraulic & other oils, water chilling, sugar industries etc.Shell and Tube (with and without fins) and plate type, these systems are supplied by Advance International fabricated as per various international and indian standards. They are suitable for closed circuit cooling or electrical equipment using demineralised water and for cooling water soluble oil solutions in quenching tanks.

The shell side usually contains the process fluid and the tube side water from the town mains or a cooling tower, or an ethylene glycol solution from a chiller unit. In certain circumstances this flow arrangement can be reversed , but please consult us first.


Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers:
Highly efficient designs, with shell diameters ranging from 4" to 50" (100 mm to 1250 mm) produce heat transfer rates up to 300,000 btu/hr. Flow rate are 25 m3/hr to 5000 m3/hr and pressure up to 200 kg/cm2





Heliflow Heat Exchanger Coil Type :
It is a unique type of shell and tube heat exchanger. The tubes in the Heliflow are arranged in parallel , starting with an inlet manifold on one end , and terminating at an outlet manifold on the opposite end. The tube bundled is wound into a helical pattern. This coiled construction creates a spiral flow path for the fluid inside the coil.

Each tube is in close contact with the tube above and below it. The coiled tube bundle is fit into a two pieces casing. When the casing is tightened , it is designed to slightly compress the tubes. Beacuse of the tight fit the shell side fluid is forced to circulate in a spiral pattern which is created by the open spaces between the coils.
Tube in Tube Heat Exchangers (Twin Tubes)
A family of coiled , concentric tube heat exchangers, capable of handling pressures up to 200 kg/cm2 inner tube and 100 kg/cm2 outer tube. With their long single chamber flow path and high effectiveness, these heat exchangers are an ideal choice for sample cooling or vapor condensation.
Plate Type Heat Exchangers
A plate heat exchanger consist of number of corrugated plates with gaskets placed in grooves along the edge. The adjacent plates come into contact with each other where the ridges meet. During assembly, the channel plates are pressed together in a frame to form a tight and efficient heat exchanger. By combining plates with different angles in the same plate pack, the optimum solution for any heat exchanger can be found.
  • Water jacket type
  • Fins Type
  • U Tube Type
Specialized Products
We offer custom design and manufacturing capabilities in order to meet your unique heat transfer requirements.

We utilizes the latest in modren metal forming and cutting equipment to insure precise adherence to dimensions and close tolerances
Drilling equipment is numerically controlled to ensure the accuracy required for baffles and tube sheets unique to heat exchangers. This capability includes heavy duty drilling capacity that has the ability to accurately drill tube sheets up to 10 mm thick and 100" in diameter. Tolerances on these machines can be held closely. Modren welding equipment including multiple submerged arc equipment , allows efficient and smooth welding of heat

This capability is supported by a welding engineering group who stay on top of the latest developments in this fast emerging field.

Qualified welders and extensive radiograpgic capability supports all types of section VIII construction, including lethal services requirements.

Heat exchanger manufacturer
Heat exchanger manufacturer
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